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About Us

Bonbare is an innovative skincare brand rooted in science-based principles and created by a renowned board-certified dermatologist and a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive head and neck surgeon. Central to our ethos is the delivery of exceptional skincare products that bring about a noticeable transformation in your skin's appearance. We achieve this by formulating our products with a high concentration of active ingredients that penetrate deep into the cellular level, ensuring optimal efficacy.

Our brand name, BonBare, draws inspiration from the French word "Bon" (meaning good) and "Bare" (naked), reflecting our core vision: to look good bare. We strive to help you achieve a naturally radiant complexion, all while harnessing the power of our scientifically-backed formulations. Through cutting-edge technologies, we ensure that our products deliver potent active ingredients directly to your skin, maximizing their effectiveness to help you feel and see results.

Our powerful range of skincare products is designed to address a wide array of skin concerns, ranging from acne reduction and fine line smoothing to minimizing pores and evening out skin tone. Combining the experience of two of the most distinguished skin health and aesthetic doctors of this generation, our mission is to bring a med-lux line of accessible science-based skincare to the market.

To learn more about the three co-founders behind Bonbare, we invite you to explore their profiles and remarkable contributions to the field.

Read more about the three female Bonbare co-founders Dr. Lesley Rabach, Dr. Morgan Rabach and Myka Meier here.

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